First things first, everyone who wants to get CPCS qualified MUST undertake a Health & Safety touch screen test at a registered CSCS testing centre.

You can take it at the MPTT facility in Brownhills, West Midlands. Or you can visit for other centre details.

It will last for two years, then you will need to move to a Blue Competent operators card.

You will need to complete a NVQ Level 2 in Plant operations specific to the category you hold.

Once you have your Blue Competent Operator card it is valid for five years.

To renew your card Blue Competent Operator card you will need to have the following in place.

  • A current CSCS card. (CSCS Test taken within two years prior renewal date.)
  • Pass the new Fifteen Question renewal test for each categories held.
  • Hold a log book with 300 hours per category.
  • If you don’t have a log book you will need to complete a Practical Assessment on each category held.

The MPTT team will work with you to judge your experience and level of expertise in your chosen category. We can usually assess during our initial communication what level you require, however we do offer competency profile testing on plant at our sites if required.

Yes we do offer competency profiling for all candidates if they are unsure of their level of competency on plant. One of our experienced trainers will quickly assess the candidate onsite at MPTT and confirm what level of training or testing is required.

We offer a reminder service to all MPTT candidates 3 months and 1 month before their cards expire.

*To qualify for this service candidates must fill in the relevant MPTT candidate data form and provide correct mobile/email contact details. Please note MPTT take no responsibility for candidates not receiving their reminders or not providing the correct contact details.