Loader Securer - STGO



The A50 Loader/Securer STGO course provides high quality theory and practical training & testing in the safe and effective use of plant and machinery to enable the candidate to attain the CPCS Red Operator Card.

Course Structure

  • Describe the nature of the sector of industry and their role and responsibilities as a loader/secure 
  • Name and explain types of transporter, purpose, principal components, the basic construction, controls  and terminology
  • Conform with manufacturer’s requirements as per the operator’s handbook, other types of information  source and relevant regulations and legislation
  • Undertake all pre-use checks on the transporter and prime mover
  • Configure and set for site and public highway travel, loaded and unloaded
  • Prepare the area for plant loading and unloading duties
  • Configure and set the transporter for loading and unloading duties
  • Explain actions required for hazards, underground and overhead services
  • Arrange, use and comply with communication procedures
  • Load or direct and position different items of plant on and off a trailer
  • Arrange, secure and ready items of plant on the trailer in preparation for travel on the public highway
  • Explain legislative requirements for transporting loads on the highway
  • Explain considerations when planning a route on the public highway
  • State requirements to be undertaken when loading and unloading on the public highway
  • Carry out shut down and securing procedures
  • Explain the Road Traffic Act requirements

Course Duration

To be determined upon application and confirmation of experience.

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